Geocell: 3D Cellular Confinement System

Geocells consist of High Density Polyethylene strips thermally bonded together to form a three dimensional honeycomb matrix that can be filled with soil, sand, aggregate, or concrete. They improve the shear strength of infill material through confinement actions.


Geocells provides long-term erosion protection for all types of embankments, slopes and shorelines in civil, infrastructure and environmental projects. Geocell cell wall perforations enable plant roots interlock, which further stabilizes the soil mass, and makes landscape rehabilitation more effective. The perforations also enhance water drainage, soil conservation, vegetative cover and visual aesthetics in vegetated slopes.


The Geocell technology was first researched and implemented by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1979 and later on commercialized for civilian use. Today Cellular Confinement Systems are widely recognized in the  construction industry as permanent soil stabilization used for a variety of applications.


This system proves to be cost-effective solution for challenging slope stability problems. The benefits of 3D confinement are reinforcement of the upper soil layer and resistance to erosive conditions and sliding forces. Geocell can provide a means of fully vegetating steep slope surfaces where this would not otherwise be possible. Each discrete cell contains soil infill to facilitate the growth of vegetation. The exposed edge of the cell panels also disrupts and reduces the velocity of any surface run-off from the slope; further reducing erosion of the topsoil.


Benefits of Geocell

Erosion Protection – 3D cells protect soil against run-off, rill development and erosive forces to preserve the soil structure.

Drainage & Soil Conservation – Geocell improves permeability and infiltration and the build-up of hydrostatic forces.

Infill Interlock – Perforations facilitate plant and root interlock, or enable frictional interlock between cells if crushed stone or concrete fill is used.

Vegetation & Landscape Aesthetics – Perforations provide an excellent plant growth environment by enabling the passage of water, nutrients and soil organisms.


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